Advanced Oncology Outcomes

Precision Oncology Platform
“Empowering Physicians to Harness & Deliver World-Class, Personalized, Precision Medicine”
Empowering Physicians to Harness & Deliver
World-Class, Personalized, Precision Medicine

Advanced Oncology Outcomes

1. Improve Patient Outcomes

Clinically proven to significantly improve patient outcomes (OS & PFS)

2. Capture Comprehensive Outcomes

Proven to capture comprehensive, exceptionally well curated & structured data for your clinical & research purposes

3. Utilize & Publish Outcomes

Data analytics & reporting capabilities (OS, PFS, Therapies, etc.) delivered for scientific use & publications

Perthera is the only company proven to deliver the following three outcomes:

Improved Patient Outcomes:
Using Perthera is clinically proven to increase both overall and progression-free survival.

Captured Comprehensive Outcomes:
The Platform advances clinical research by generating comprehensive, exceptionally well-curated, and structured data

Utilize & Published Outcomes:
Perthera has and will continue to deliver data analytics and reporting capabilities for scientific use and publication

Perthera provides these three advantages without altering current clinical practices, patient flow, or lab preferences. This ensures the integration of Perthera’s Precision Medicine Program is seamless for patients and physicians.