Clinical Partnerships

Let’s work together to improve
cancer care for patients everywhere

Since its inception, Perthera has worked with a wide range of organizations to advance cancer care for patients through Perthera’s precision oncology capabilities. If you would like Perthera to assist you and your organization through a business partnership, we’re here to help.

Perthera’s matched treatment options provide patients and their physicians with a powerful tool that leads to more collaboration and better outcomes. Advocacy groups who partner with Perthera can help patients gain better cancer care results and will help advance cancer care for patients.
  • Proven outcomes – extended OS and PFS rates
  • Clinical Trial enrollment rates, 5X the national average
  • Track outcomes & capture, abstract, structure, curate data for research purposes

Perthera’s extensive Precision Oncology capabilities can assist Biopharma companies in multitude of areas such as Perthera’s RWE database, treatment matching and advance data analytics.

Enhance Your R&D with Real-World Evidence Data

By partnering with Perthera, you will gain a distinct advantage in the oncology market with our world-class Precision Oncology Platform and clinical database.

As you know, well-curated and structured real-world patient outcomes data is essential for R&D. Through Perthera’s work with hundreds of oncologists across the US, we have developed one of the most comprehensive patient outcomes databases in the industry. In fact, through our partnership with PanCAN and the Know Your Tumor program, our pancreatic cancer cohort is one of the most robust in the industry, containing real-world molecular and clinical treatment data from 2,000+ unique patients and we have expanded into other solid tumor types as well.

We provide customized solutions revolving around these capabilities:

  • Real-World Evidence database, directly linked to our Biorepository
  • Screening and optimizing clinical trial enrollment.
  • Prospective and Retrospective analysis to capture program-specific insights at the patient level
  • Complete patient consents and longitudinally tracked clinical and treatment outcomes
  • Precision Oncology Platform, which has been proven to significantly improve patient OS & PFS outcomes, when utilizing our precisely-matched therapy solutions – as shown in our recent publication in The Lancet Oncology
  • Post market surveillance.
Advance Your Precision Oncology Efforts & Market Share

Perthera delivers AI-driven, ranked treatment options & more

Perthera is not a Lab. In fact, we are a Labnostic, and we partner
with Labs to help advance their market potential & commercial growth.

Perthera delivers the only clinically proven Precision Oncology Platform designed to match patients to the right therapy for their unique cancer, at the outset. Combining your lab’s powerful testing capabilities with Perthera’s Platform can optimize lab services, while dramatically increasing access to oncologists and driving increased market share. 

Our Platform features an AI-driven engine, Molecular Tumor Board and precisely ranked treatment options. This Platform is applied seamlessly to testing for advanced stage cancer patients, where the margin for error and cost consequences are significant. Perthera is building the most comprehensive Precision Oncology database in the world, and our Platform is used at over 250 cancer centers and by more than 10% of oncologists nationwide.

  • Analysis generation
  • Therapeutic engine
  • Commercialize new assays
  • Variant interpretation
  • Outcomes captured
  • Sales & Marketing support
Perthera’s extensive Precision Oncology capabilities can assist CROs with a multitude of clinical studies, utilizing Perthera’s RWE database, treatment matching and advanced data analytics.
Advancing Your Trial Enrollment at No Cost

The Perthera Precision Oncology Platform has been clinically utilized across the
nation for 8 years. We are looking to partner with leading CROs, to strengthen your clinical trial services.

Our Platform is used by over 250 cancer centers and 10% of U.S. oncologists, and CROs have found that we have a unique ability to complement their efforts through our reach and capabilities. We not only accelerate clinical trials, but also pre-screen patients, coordinate molecular profiling, and expand access to trials. With a limited to no cost pilot program, we can detail our capabilities, innovative strategies, and deliver results.

It would be terrific to schedule an up-tempo meeting to see how we can complement your efforts. Based on our results with other CROs, I am confident we can find positive synergies and deliver strong outcomes. If more appropriate, please forward this email to a colleague who might be better suited to assess this unique opportunity.

  •  Accelerate clinical trial enrollment, 5X the national average
  • Screening & patient concierge
  • Resource & control groups – Post market surveillance
  • Low cost RWE captured
Perthera’s Precision Oncology Platform can help streamline pre-authorization processes and lead patients to the most evidence-based solutions available.

The costs of cancer treatment today can be daunting, averaging nearly $150,000 per patient. Perthera delivers the only clinically proven Precision Oncology Platform designed to match patients to the right therapy for their unique cancer at the outset and at the right cost. Selecting the wrong treatment path results in patient care challenges, lost time and significant expense to the payer and patient. By partnering with Perthera, your members can be optimally directed to the most effective care available, dramatically reducing ineffective therapies and costs.